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"Dr. David Clarke has led two conferences at the church where I serve as the Senior Pastor, one on marriage and one on parenting.  Both of those Friday/Saturday seminars were well attended and provided a tremendous benefit to the couples or individuals who came.   In his presentations, Dr. Clarke proved to be a very engaging speaker.  His talks were extremely humorous but also extremely practical, and his material was in complete harmony with God's word.  I highly recommend him to any church!"

Dr. Ken Alford
Senior Pastor
Crossroads Baptist Church
Valdosta, Georgia
"As a frequent attender of ministry conferences I rate Dave Clarke at the top of my list.  Relevant, real, humorous, deeply spiritual, and memorable.  Book him for any level marriage conference!"
David M. Brown, M.Div.
Director, Good Samaritan Counseling, Inc.
Moultrie, Georgia
"Dr. Clarke was such a blessing!  He delivered truth and information in a FAR from clinical way-I laughed so much my ribs hurt!  The evaluations returned to me from the participants were all in agreement-we want him back for our next Couples Conference."
Deedy Tripp
Financial Secretary
Couple's Conference Chairman
Christ Independent Methodist Church
Palatka, Florida
"Dr. David Clarke is a gifted communicator being both practical and comical.  Wrap that up with his clinical expertise and educational background and your people will be highly motivated to live out healthy, dynamic relationships.  We have had Dr. Clarke speak on four
different occasions and after each event, marriages have been mended and homes restored as a result of his powerful, practical
insight into relationships.  I highly recommend him for your next marriage or parenting seminar!"
Danny Bennett
Pastor of Life Development
Calvary Baptist Church
Clearwater, Florida
"Dr. Dave Clarke is a gifted communicator who immediately engages people with humor and wit.  Dave has a unique ability to speak
about difficult relationship issues in a way that creates trust and openness.  I am appreciative of the way Dr. Clarke can speak  to
hundreds of people while making each person feel a connection to him.  In a world of uncertainty and bad news about marriages
and families, Dr. Clarke communicates hope and positive, practical advice that actually works."
Matthew Hartsfield
Senior Pastor
Van Dyke Church
Tampa, Florida
"We could have never experienced God's blessing on our young ministry without the help of Dr. David Clarke.  From the very beginning,
his professionalism and effectiveness met the needs of so many new families, marriages and broken souls.  We've held several
seminars lead by Dr. Clarke at our church and we plan to hold many more.  We use no other professional Counselor and we only
refer people to his practice.  That's how much confidence we place in his ability, through God's power, in mending souls."
Pastor Galen Scott
Sunset Bay Chapel
Lithia, Florida
Ask the Doctor: Email & Phone Advice
Weekly Marriage Blog. Subscribe Today!
Dr. Clarke on Focus on the Family. Click here to listen.
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