About Dr. Clarke

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Dr. David E. Clarke is a Christian psychologist, popular speaker, and successful author. Through his Bible-based teaching and therapy, he guides people toward healthy lives, marriages, and families.

Since 1986, Dr. Clarke has been in full-time private practice in Tampa, Florida, where he has worked extensively with individuals, couples, and families in therapy. Through his entertaining and practical seminars, he presents God's truth in the areas of emotional well-being, relationship building, and development of parenting skills.

Education and Training

He holds a B.A. in Psychology from Point Loma College in San Diego, California. He also holds an M.A. in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. His Ph.D. is in Clinical Psychology from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

Beginning in 1982, at a Minirth-Meier Inpatient Clinic in Garland, Texas, Dr. Clarke has trained in a number of inpatient hospitals and outpatient counseling centers. He is a licensed psychologist in the state of Florida. In addition, Dr. Clarke has been an adjunct teacher at the Tampa extensions of Dallas Theological Seminary and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. Clarke's Philosophy

I'm a very direct, hands-on, practical person as a therapist, author, and speaker. I don't offer theories-I teach people what works. The information in my books, podcasts, seminars and therapy sessions comes out of what works in my therapy office and what works in my home. I'm very how-to oriented. I tell people what they can do today, this week, to change.


If traditional Christian counseling has failed you, contact me.  My approach is unorthodox, but solidly Biblical and effective. I call sin sin and it is addressed directly.  Adultery, emotional neglect and abuse, and other sins are 100% the fault of the sinner and are not ignored or sidestepped.  These issues are the only thing I focus on in the first phase of couple therapy.  When I see a couple and both have made mistakes-but not serious sins- the husband goes first in my process because the Bible teaches that he is the leader. 

Humor is an important part of my ministry. Laughter opens people up and helps them remember and apply life principles. My audiences laugh and enjoy themselves, and learn at the same time.All my teaching and therapy is Bible-based. I wouldn't recommend anything not consistent with God's truth. My goal is to guide people toward healthy lives, marriages, and families by relying on my personal faith in God, the truths in the Bible, and the science of psychology.