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A Basket of Topics

The Big Idea

A practical idea to generate topics of conversation for your 4 Couple Talk Times per week. 

The Teaching

I did one of my two day Marriage Intensives recently and the couple I was working with gave me a great idea for communication.  Many couples struggle, especially as they begin having Couple Talk Times, with finding topics of conversation.  They end up talking superficially or just sit there staring at each other.  

This couple has developed a system they call "the basket." They have a basket sitting on a side table in the room where they have their Talk Times.  When each of them thinks of a topic of interest during the day, they jot it down or record it on their phone.  When they get home, they write it on a note card and drop it in the basket.  

Also, they drop in the basket newspaper articles, magazine articles, pictures, photos. . . These notes and other bits of information are all potential topics of conversation. In a Couple Talk Time, after their brief prayer time and devotional reading, they pull out a topic from the basket.  

Some of these topics don't lead to a deeper talk. But, some do.  

Give this a try and see if your basket of ideas/topics leads to deeper conversations. 

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