Pursue Him

The Big Idea

The Bible teaches the wife to pursue her husband in the areas of affection and sex. 

The Teaching

God sends every wife a clear message in the Song of Solomon:  pursue your man in the physical area. In the Song, guess which partner-Solomon or Shulamith-does more of the pursuing? It would have to be Solomon, right? Wrong!  It is Shulamith. Over and over again, Shulamith initiates physical intimacy. 

Shulamith talks about kissing Solomon and she kisses him.  She talks about being affectionate and she is affectionate with him.  She talks about making love and she makes love with him. I can't quote all the verses that show her pursuing because it would fill up too much space. 

Every husband on the planet dreams of his wife coming to him and initiating in the physical area. When that happens, he feels loved. He feels respected. He feels like a man. He feels passion for her.  

So, wives, get to work. You don't have to chase him around the house, although that would be nice occasionally. Walk up to him, say nothing, and just kiss him. And, not a peck or a dreaded cheek kiss. A full bore, open mouth, sensuous kiss. You know how to do this, though it may have been a while since you performed this maneuver.  

Kiss him unexpectedly at least once a day. Hug him close at least once a day. Rub his back, his neck, or his feet a few times a week. Okay, maybe not the feet.  

Here comes the big one. Ask him to make love at least once a week. After kissing him, really kissing him, ask him to meet you in the bedroom to look at paint or curtain samples. When he arrives, be waiting in your lingerie. Remember lingerie? It's way back in your closet.  

A nice benefit of asking him to make love is that you will be in control of when. You can prepare yourself and select the time, instead of always waiting for him to ask and not being ready.  

For more Biblical guidance on passion and romance from the Doctor of Love(my Sandy calls me this), get my book:  Kiss Me Like You Mean It.  

Sandy does not call me the Doctor of Love-not yet, anyway.

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