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What to Do if You Have an Adult Child Who Won't Leave Your Home.

Has it been months, possibly even a year or more? What do you do?

Well, child is the right term to use. It's time for this child to grow up, man up, or woman up as the case may be and usually it's the young man and join the rest of us working stiffs in the real world.

Here's what you do. If you're married, you have to be lockstep with your spouse.

You sit down with your son and you say, Timmy, we've had enough of you living in our home rent free. You're not getting a job and it's been months. So you have one month to get a job. If you don't, you'll be kicked out of our home. If we have to call the police, that's what we'll do.

Now you also tell him when you secure a job, it's not gonna be your career job it's gonna be a job. I don't care if it's at Wendy's  you're going to get a job and you're gonna get out and support yourself.

Once you get the job you'll be leaving. As soon as possible, and if you prove yourself to us and over time we'll continue to help you in certain ways. But we're gonna cut off all support because you need to support yourself.