A Step-by-Step Plan to Leave an Abusive Relationship with God's Help

Table of Contents

Introduction: It's Time for Plan B

Part One: The Definition of Abuse

1. The Abuse Never Stops

2. World-Class Selfishness

3. Less-than-Zero Respect

4. A Slow, Painful Death

5. Much Worse than an Unhappy Marriage

Part Two: Why You Stay

6. "But I Don't Want to Leave"

7. "My Church Threw Me under the Bus"

8. The Lies that Make You Stay

Part Three: Why You Can Get Out

9. Get Out of Denial, and Get Ready for War

10. God Says, "I Want You to Get Out"

Part Four: How to Get Out

11. Get Spiritually Healthy

12. Get a Team of Warriors

13. Get Emotionally Healthy, Part One

14. Get Emotionally Healthy, Part Two

15. Get Financially Healthy

16. Get Your Kids Ready to Leave, Part One

17. Get Your Kids Ready to Leave, Part Two

18. Get Away from Your Abuser

Part Five: Give Your Abuser a Chance

19. "Here's How to Win Me Back"

Part Six: When Your Abuser Does Not Want to Change

20. It's Matthew 18 Time

21. Get Ready to Leave