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About Dr. David Clarke

DAVID E. CLARKE, PH.D., is a Christian psychologist, speaker, and the author of seventeen books, including Enough is Enough, I Didn't Want a Divorce Now What?, and 20 Lies That Keep You With Your Abuser. He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and Western Conservative Baptist Seminary. He has been in private practice for over thirty-five years, focusing on marriages in crisis. He and his blonde wife, Sandy, live in Tampa, Florida. They have four children and five grandchildren.

If you’ve got marital problems, that’s what I do. Whatever you’re facing in your relationship, I’ve got a specific plan to deal with it: narcissistic abuse, adultery, sexual sin, verbal abuse, constant fighting, breakdowns in communication, blended family issues, trouble with in-laws, one spouse wanting a divorce … I’ll work with you to develop a strategy to create change.

First, I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. Second, I base my clinical work on the Bible and God’s truths in psychology. I’m a directive, how-to, homework-giving therapist. I won’t just sit there and listen. I will give you a detailed plan of action.
99% of what I do now is phone advice sessions with persons across America and the world.


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