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If your marriage is in trouble, you’ve come to the right place. Is your intimacy at zero? Is your spouse in serious sin? Does your spouse want a divorce? Dr. David E. Clarke, a regular guest with Focus on the Family and Janet Parshall, can help you avoid divorce and build a brand new marriage. His no nonsense, tough love, how to approach has been saving marriages for over 30 years. From YouTube to your favorite podcast app, to right here on this website, listen to the show anytime, anywhere.

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Talk about How to Save Your Marriage from Divorce.

If your marriage is in a crisis, consider my phone advice service. You can talk to me for 45 minutes and I will give you a strategy that will empower you, and give you the best chance to save your marriage.

Adultery Recovery

If your spouse has committed adultery, emotional or physical, this video is for you. If your spouse is repentant and wants to save the marriage, you can watch the video together.  You can heal completely, if you avoid classic mistakes and follow my steps of recovery

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