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I Stayed With My Narcissistic Husband For 30 Years

I stayed 30 years. I believed all the lies in your book, 20 Lies That Keep You With Your Abuser. I left in 2010. I am grateful to be alone and free. My children were damaged from living with domestic violence. I had no support to leave. My husband threatened, if I left him, then he would take the children. I would never see them. He would teach them to hate me. He taught our 2 year old son his first sentence, "Kick mommy's a**." He would laugh whenever my son hit me, kicked me or spit on me. he would tell my son, "Your mother is an a**hole. She does not love you. Go hit her." My husband served in children's ministry at church. Church people would come up to me and tell me I have a wonderful husband. I asked for help at church but no one believe me. My husband would tell me to my face that he was punishing me because I was not submissive. If I said no to sex, he threw my contacts in the toilet. I felt guilty to leave me marriage. It took me 30 years to walk out of my marriage and to leave the church. Churches are havens for narcissistic abuse. I am healing from your books and helping others to heal.

Thank you for your life saving ministry!

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