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I Will Be Free - ebook

I Will Be Free - ebook


Please Note: This is the eBook version.


You’ve never read a devotional like I Will Be Free. It is not a nice, sweet, serene devotional. It is a hardcore, edgy, tell it like it is devotional. 


It is a devotional for a warrior on the field of battle. A warrior fighting for freedom from the narc. 


*It’s a war to come out of the codependent fog and realize you’re married to a narc who won’t stop destroying you and your children 

*It’s a war to get ready to leave the narc

*It’s a war to leave the narc and deal with his backlash

*It’s a war to divorce the narc


I Will Be Free is your God-centered companion as you fight this war for freedom 


Each of the 52 Devotionals include:

The Truth from God: God’s message to you

The Moment from God: A brief personal story from a fellow freedom warrior

The Word of God: A Bible passage

The Comment from DC: Input from Dave Clarke

The Prayer to God: A brief prayer to lock in the devotional’s truth and connect you more closely to God

You can talk to Dr. Clarke about your abusive relationship by using his phone advice service. 

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