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Kiss Me Like You Mean It

Kiss Me Like You Mean It

SKU: 0006

Goodbye, passion? NOT SO FAST. Yes, its true - that glorious, heart-pumping feeling of love and desire does seem to vanish in the wake of kids, careers, and well, life. But you can reclaim that mad-for-you, crazy-in-love feeling, and this time it will be deeper and more intimate than ever before. Your guide? King Solomon, the Bible's greatest lover, who has a few secrets up his ancient sleeve about how a husband and wife can experience unending passion -- and have a blast doing it. Psychologist and marriage therapist Dr. David Clarke shows you why the ardent exchanges and God-inspired, 3,000-year-old techniques of Solomon and Shulamith worked then-and still work today. You will learn how to troubleshoot problems and conflicts, put each other first, have fun, flirt, and be more playful and sensual. You got married because you were over-the-moon wild about each other, and you can experience that exhilarating passion again; the Song of Solomon reveals how!s.

You can talk to Dr. Clarke about your abusive relationship by using his phone advice service. 

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