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Escaping the Grip of a Narcissistic Marriage and Finding Healing

I was married to a narc for 20 years. I was a pastor 14 of those years, but suffered in silence. He abused me physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually & sexually.

I stayed for so long because I was convinced:

#1 Every man was like him;

#2 I would be doomed to a life of shame if I got divorced

& never be able to be in ministry again;

#3 I had to stay for my kids.

God used my siblings to rescue me in a miraculous way in 2021. Our divorce was final 2022. The healing wasn't automatic or easy, and is in fact still a process, but everyday I wake up & think, "I love my life! Thank you, God for where I am now."

My Christian therapist has been crucial in my healing process! My kids are all thriving as they are experiencing a life of peace instead of anger & trauma.

I am a pastor again & determined to help women find their freedom & healing! If you're on the fence about leaving a narcissistic spouse, trust God to open the door to your freedom & then step through it.

It's worth it!!!


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