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How do you know if your husband is a narcissist?

Well, if you have to ask, chances are pretty good that he is, but let's make sure if you're in the situation, get my book. Enough is enough how to leave an abusive relationship. It will make it very clear if you have a narcissist on your hands. And if you do what to do about it specifically, what to do about it?

Let me read you my definition of narcissism from Enough is Enough.

A narcissist is a spectacularly selfish individual, super selfish, world class, selfish. Everything he thinks, feels and does focuses on one goal.

To protect and please himself. That's the core feature of narcissism. Unbelievable selfishness. It's always and forever about him.

Here are some other features briefly of narcissism.

A narcissist won't meet your needs. He doesn't even know what your needs are they're not on his radar screen. It's always about his needs, and it's your job,

your life's work, every minute of your life to meet his needs. He's never wrong, never. Which means you're always wrong and your to blame.

He's only nice to you to look good to you and to others. Maybe the kids, and to get what he wants. It's never true concern for you.

He has no empathy for you, zero compassion. You can be angry, You could be hurt, You could be upset, he could care less. That's your problem that you created and has nothing to do with him. No emotional connection possible and probably never going to be.

And, of course, he is incredibly critical of you in subtle ways. Outrageous ways in front of other people in front of the kids, privately, whatever.

He'll criticize your weight, your looks, your housekeeping, your mother, when you can't go to the grocery store and do it the right way, you're never good enough.

So that gives you a taste of what narcissism is like. Get the book. Enough is enough and you'll see clearly what you have on your hands. And if you have a narcissist, which could be a husband or wife, it'll tell you what to do about it.

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