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Married For 21 Years To a Narcissist and Finally Leaving

I have quite a story. I'll try to abbreviate it.

I got married 21 years ago. I should have never married him, but I was madly in love and overlooked a lot. He was incredibly smart and that impressed me.

He always wanted what he wanted. Nothing swayed his decisions. No one else was of concern. If he wanted to go out with one of his boys, he'd make that happen, even if the 7 year old went kicking and screaming.

The amount of selfishness was unheard of before to me. His whole life revolved around his wants and needs. Even after three kids.

The other horrible issue aside from the selfishness was his constant criticism and disapproval and insults. I used to keep track of these behaviors on notecards until one day, I got the guts to show him all the days and times he showed me his bad character from several notecards. The next time I went to document something he said to me, the notecards were gone.

I have just begun divorce proceedings from my narcissist because I have lost all trust in him. I already feel better mentally and physically. My parents are helping me afford an apartment until I can get back on my feet. And I will get back on my feet. And I can not wait.

Here's to freedom from narcissistic abuse!

Thank you for doing this project.


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