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Find the book that fits your situation:

Holding a Book

Married But Lonely:  

Seven Steps You Can Take With or Without Your Spouse's Help

You're unhappy in your marriage, but you are not in a crisis-yet-and you don't want a divorce. How to motivate and teach your intimacy-avoiding spouse to be close to you.

I Don't Love You Anymore:

An Action Plan to Regain Confidence, Power, and Control

You are in a full-blown crisis because of one spouse's serious sin.  How to heal from this sinful behavior: adultery, verbal abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, financial irresponsibility. .

I Don't Want a Divorce:

A 90 Day Guide to Saving Your Marriage

A step by step strategy to save and rebuild a struggling marriage.  Also, an excellent follow up to the steps of recovery from serious marital sin covered in I Don't Love You Anymore. 

My Spouse Wants Out:

How to Get Angry, Fight Back, and Save Your Marriage

What to do when your spouse wants a divorce for bogus, unbiblical reasons.  My strategy will empower you and give you the best chance to shake your sinning spouse into repentance. 

Enough is Enough:

How to Leave an Abusive Relationship

You've taken enough abuse from your narcissistic spouse.  You've tried everything and the abuse doesn't stop.  I show you exactly how to get ready to leave your abuser and how to leave

I Destroyed My Marriage

Your sinful, damaging behavior has caused your spouse to decide to divorce you. You are desperate to stop the divorce, but it looks hopeless.  Your best chance to save your marriage is to follow my strategic,  detailed plan of action

I'm Not Ok and Neither Are You:

The 6 Steps to Emotional Freedom

It's time to face your unresolved past pain and your personal issues.  6 steps to becoming emotionally healthy so you can build intimacy with God and others.  

Honey, We Need to Talk:

Get Honest and Intimate in 10 Essential Areas

Designed for couples to read together, this practical manual teaches how to talk openly and honestly in 10 critical areas.  Ideal for unmarried couples: those preparing for marriage and those living together.  

Men are Clams, Women are Crowbars:

The Dos and Don'ts of Getting Your Man to Open Up Understanding your male-female differences and learning how to work with them to create 

consistently deeper conversations. 

A Marriage After God's Own Heart

How to put God at the center of your marriage by spiritually bonding in 7 areas.

  I Didn't Want a Divorce, Now What?


How to Deal with Your Ex and Your Kids, Heal, and Get a Re-set  I show you how to get rid of your guilt, get into solid recovery, and start your new life. 

Parenting is Hard and Then You Die:

A Fun But Honest Look at Raising Kids of All Ages Right

A biblical, clear, and comprehensive strategy for raising healthy kids in a crazy, sinful world.  For parents of kids of all ages.  

 Kiss Me Like You Mean It:

Solomon's Crazy in Love How-To Manual

Get your passion back-and keep it for a lifetime-by following the example of the lovers in the Song of Solomon. 

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