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Breaking Free: Rediscovering Life's Joys After Leaving My Controlling Narcissistic Ex-Husband

My life is incredibly more free after being brave enough to leave my narcissistic ex-husband.

He controlled everything in my life - money, friends, vacations, clothing. I have been spending time with my friends and family again and now without guilt or him trying to ruin it with arguing with me before I left.

I have spent an incredible amount of time with my children because he is not around. Every waking minute before I spent serving him and making sure all of his needs were met. It's refreshing to go wherever I want with whoever I want.

Another freedom is mentally. I don't have to waste any more time worrying about what he is doing or who he is cheating on me with. And no more gaslighting! Which he did until the very end! It's amazing to be on the other side. He will never change. And I have. Loving my free life!!

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