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Surviving Narcissistic Abuse: Finding Clarity, Peace, and Healing After Divorce

Hello Dr. Clarke,

Thank you for reaching out to those of us who are often confused, sometimes feeling hopeless, and utterly abused!

Your messages have been on point and a blessing to me personally. Since, I often felt confused & sometimes responsible for the abuse and never the person I wanted to be.

I'm not 100% free from my narc ex-husband of 18 years, since he refuses to remove his property from our marital home which I purchased to keep our child in the school system & not to disrupt her life. Although, that wasn't the case. As you can imagine, he put her through hell to get to me and now is suffering mental health issues. He continues to insult, humiliate, and manipulate me. He involves everyone in our business with zero truths.

Since, divorced, which took everything from me financially & emotionally he is no longer in my head or in my home. For this, it has given me clarity & peace. My health has slowly improved and I'm feeling utterly grateful to have survived the narcissistic abuse.


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